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DateTimeVisit.HomeVisitor ptsHome ptsStatusGame log
January 2910:00 PMDucksSharks---Game log
January 299:30 PMSabresOilers---Game log
January 299:00 PMWildFlames---Game log
January 298:00 PMPredatorsBlues---Game log
January 297:30 PMStarsSenators---Game log
January 297:30 PMRed WingsLightning---Game log
January 297:30 PMBlue JacketsPanthers---Game log
January 297:30 PMCoyotesMaple Leafs---Game log
January 297:00 PMBruinsIslanders---Game log
January 297:00 PMCanadiensRangers---Game log
January 297:00 PMJetsFlyers---Game log
January 2810:30 PMBlackhawksKings34FGame log
January 288:00 PMPenguinsCapitals04FGame log
January 287:30 PMMaple LeafsDevils12FGame log

Recent Corrections

PlayerPosCityGame DateCorr. DateCorr.Description
Jonathan ToewsCCHIJanuary 21January 28-1Second assists
Nick HoldenDCOLJanuary 21January 28+1Assists
Dennis EverbergRWCOLJanuary 21January 28-1Assists
Duncan KeithDCHIJanuary 21January 28+1Assists
Duncan KeithDCHIJanuary 21January 28+1Second assists
Jonathan ToewsCCHIJanuary 21January 28-1Assists

Recent Transactions

PlayerPosCityTransaction dateDescription
Nikita ZadorovDBUFJanuary 28Announced has served his suspension.
Brendan ShinniminCARIJanuary 28Recalled from Portland (AHL).
Stefan ElliottDCOLJanuary 28Recalled from Lake Erie (AHL).
Cal ClutterbuckRWNYIJanuary 28NHL fined $2,000 for diving.
Rob ZeppGPHIJanuary 28Assigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL).
Jeremy MorinRWCLBJanuary 28Placed on IR.
Jyrki JokipakkaDDALJanuary 28Assigned to Texas (AHL).
Colin GreeningLWOTTJanuary 28Assigned to Binghamton (AHL).
Alex PetrovicDFLAJanuary 28Recalled from San Antonio (AHL).
Brad MillsCOTTJanuary 28Assigned to Binghamton (AHL).

Recent Injuries

PlayerPosCityInjured dateTypeReturn dateDescription+
Craig AndersonGOTTJanuary 29outhanddetails
Christian EhrhoffDPITJanuary 29questionableUpper bodydetails
Alexei EmelinDMONJanuary 29questionablePoss. Suspensiondetails
Michael RafflLWPHIJanuary 28questionableillnessdetails
Tyler KennedyCSJJanuary 28outlower bodydetails
Joe VitaleCARIJanuary 28questionableUpper bodydetails
Jeremy MorinRWCLBJanuary 28I-RHeartdetails
Derek DorsettRWVANJanuary 28questionableheaddetails

Recent Birthdates Click to get help!

January 29, 1991Drew Shore24CCAL
January 29, 1989Kevin Shattenkirk26DSTL
January 29, 1989Jim O'Brien26COTT
January 29, 1987Tom Wandell28CDAL
January 29, 1986Chris Bourque29LWNYR
January 29, 1986Thomas Greiss29GPIT
January 29, 1984Janos Vas31LWDAL
January 29, 1983Tim Gleason32DCAR
January 29, 1981Kyle Wanvig34RWTB
January 29, 1979Robert Dome36CCAL
January 29, 1978Scott Parker37RWCOL
January 29, 1977Jason Doig38DCHI
January 29, 1973Steve Passmore42GPHO
January 29, 1967Sean Burke48GLA
January 29, 1965Dominik Hasek50GDET
January 28, 1992Johan Alm23DNAS
January 28, 1991Carl Klingberg24LWWIN
January 28, 1991Garrett Noonan24DNAS
January 28, 1991Daniel O'Donoghue24OTARI
January 28, 1985Colin Fraser30CSTL
January 28, 1985Daniel Carcillo30LWCHI
January 28, 1982Alexei Smirnov33LWANA
January 28, 1980Joe Rullier35DBOS
January 28, 1980Garrett Stafford35DEDM
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