Try PoolExpert for free for a 14-day period (no credit card required), then decide if you want to continue. If you do, we will charge you a small fee according to the following payment terms:

Pools with less than 100 participants

$2 per person per pool to a maximum of $35 per pool. So for an 8 person pool, the cost will be $, for a 12 person pool, the cost will be $, etc. For a 20 person pool, the cost will be $35 (because of the maximum price for pools with less than 100 participants). This will cover the entire season.

We think this price is very reasonable, it's even less than the cost of a beer or a soft drink in a restaurant! This is less than the price of one or two games of pool or one or two chocolate bars! If you had to do the stats yourself, it would cost you more to buy a newspaper than to join a PoolExpert pool (and our graphics are way better)!!! In summary, this is very a low cost full-feature daily pool management software for the full season.

Pools with more than 100 participants

$ per person per pool, with no maximum. So for an 150 person pool, the cost will be $, for a 500 person pool, the cost will be $ for the season, etc.

No other pool managment solution for that type of pool is more cost effective than ours. This is a very minimal investment to get peace of mind and all your competitors happy with the fast stats and ranking delivery.

Pools with customized user interface

PoolExpert can also be customized to your needs if you wish. PoolExpert's talented technical staff is capable of tailoring the pool manager to suit the needs of any customer so that the page of your pool will be completely integrated with your site's style and colors.

Pricing for this type of pool varies depending upon your needs, so please contact us with your pool specifications to get more information about our fees.