Still hesitating to set up your own Internet hockey, baseball or F1 pool on PoolExpert? Here's what our current users have to say about us!

"Thanks for all the help - your friendly/helpful customer service is very helpful to us. (...) Your site is much more user friendly and you personally have been very helpful. Our league appreciates this!"
-Bruce Ward
"(I like) the last 7, last 30, best pick, It`s way better than OfficePools. Great reaction time on feedback"
-Michelle Maxwell
"Votre site est excellent et en plus vous répondez rapidement lorsque l`on vous envoie un courriel. (J'aime) la rapidité de votre système et surtout le LOOK. (...) Je le trouve fabuleux, il est très bien fait. Merci"
-Richard Lachapelle
"PoolExpert takes all the drudgery out of hockey pools and gives me more time to gloat about my victorious rise or moan about my dismal fall in the standings! This is a great site!"
-Rick Miller
New Westminster, BC
"Your web page (thus far) has been very reliable and we thank you for making our lives easier by you just being there. Thanks..."
"I run a hardcore hockey keeper pool in Vancouver and have used pretty much every online hockey pool service out there. Without a question, PoolExpert owns them all!

With great service, quick updates, and many bonus features, this site can accommodate anything from a simple office pool to an extremely detailed pool for sports fantatics!"
"Great set-up, by the way. Great displays and extremely punctual. I enjoy the visits."
"Super site, belle présentation, infos mises à jour quotidiennement, nouvelles fonctionnalités ajoutées comme le forum..."
"(I like) the daily up to date stats, as well as how easy it is to startup and run a hockey pool."
"Service super!"
"I am administator for 3 pools on your wonderful site."
-Dave Libbey
"It's perfect"
"À vrai dire, je suis très satisfait du service."
"Excellent site. Love the daily updates and history categories. Keep up the good work!!"
-Bob Hickey
"Simple to use and quick."
-Arne Hipkin
"I love PoolExpert. It makes managing a hockey pool very fun!"
"This is an excellent site - one of the most useful I've ever used. thank you. "